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COVID-19 Donations

April 27, 2020
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Texas-headquartered bank working in conjunction with local organizations with impactful community resources.

DALLAS, TX – Veritex Community Bank has partnered with various community organizations to provide food, shelter, emergency rental and utility assistance, and access to technology to Texas communities. Donations have been made to organizations such as Tarrant Area Food Bank, Alex Bregman’s fundraiser FEEDHOU benefitting the Houston Food Bank as well as the Galveston County Food Bank to provide Texans in need of meals for their families. As a result of the coronavirus, many Texan lives were disrupted and experienced layoffs and pay reduction. The need for food and other essentials has increased in recent weeks causing many nonprofit organizations to reach out to community leaders for donations to support the demand. Veritex Community Bank was quick to act with partner organizations; in the past few weeks over $400,000 in donations have been made to local shelters and food banks. “These donations will benefit so many Texans in need and it’s the least we can do to express our compassion for the communities we serve. Veritex is not just a bank, we are engrained in our communities and are dedicated to serving them in any way we can amid the COVID-19 crisis,” Courtney Taylor, Houston Community Development Officer for Veritex Community Bank. “Veritex Bank’s common goal with these organizations is to join forces during this crisis. We find their work and resources to be invaluable especially in times of stress. This event is unprecedented and the best thing we can do for our community is to provide the support they need and get through this together,” Melanie Goodman, CRA Officer for Veritex Community Bank. As the world adapts to COVID-19, Veritex is prepared to offer continued support to our community. For more information on how Veritex supports the communities, visit our website.

About Veritex Bank

Veritex Community Bank is a mid-sized community bank serving its customers with a full suite of banking products and services. The bank has over 40 branch locations in Houston, Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, with total assets of over $7 billion. The bank specializes in providing depository and credit services to retail and small- to mid-size businesses, which have been largely neglected by national banks. The name “Veritex” is derived from the Latin word “veritas,” meaning truth, and “Texas.”