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Business Financing

Veritex Business Financing*, a service of Veritex Community Bank, provides custom accounts receivable financing solutions to help maximize your cash flow needs. Our dedicated team works with you to develop a tailored approach that delivers results.

Contact Veritex Business Financing 800-994-0779

Anne Capps  |  Senior Vice President, Business Financing Group Manager

Russell Duckworth  |  Vice President, Senior Business Development Officer

Laura Coppes  |  Vice President, Business Development Officer

Improved business cash flow

IFA LogoAccounts Receivable Financing (also known as factoring) means getting paid on invoices immediately instead of waiting for 30, 60 or even 90 days for payment. Our team can purchase your eligible invoices immediately, usually funding in less than one business day.

An Accounts Receivable Purchase Agreement (ARPA) is a useful option for almost any type of business. Our experience makes the process straightforward and fast. Whether your business need is $50,000 or $15 million, we have the right program to fit your business factoring. We accelerate your cash flow and you get back to managing your business.

Benefits of factoring services
  • The security of uninterrupted cash flow for your company
  • A lifeline for new or small businesses who may not yet qualify for traditional bank financing
  • Focus on your business instead of chasing-down accounts receivable

Proper financing today will help you achieve your goals tomorrow.

Contact us now and let us deliver the cash flow solutions to one of your biggest business challenges.

Veritex Business Financing FAQs

Q: How long does it take to set up Accounts Receivable Financing?
A: Veritex Business Financing can set up a factoring facility in as little as 3 business days.

Q: What are the discount rates and fees?
A: Veritex Business Financing’s rates and fees are some of the most competitive and flexible in the industry. Our long-term focus is to help a business grow to where they can choose an SBA loan, business loan, conventional commercial loan or line of credit to meet their financial needs.

Q: Is there a minimum monthly balance requirement?
A: No.  The amount you factor each month is determined by your cash flow needs. 

Q: Does Veritex Business Financing approve start-up and new companies?
A: Yes. We want to start relationships early and watch your company succeed.

Q: Does Veritex Business Financing handle government accounts receivable?
A: Yes

Q: Does Veritex Business Financing work with companies in other states?
A: Yes, we offer our factoring services nationwide.

Q: Does Veritex Business Financing require a bank account with Veritex Community Bank for Accounts Receivable Financing program approval?
A: An account is not required in order to be approved.

*subject to credit approval

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