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Community Investment Checking

Designed for larger non-profit organizations with moderate to substantial balances needing to remain liquid, while earning interest. Certified non-profits. 501(c)(3) Required.

Account Features & Benefits:

Earns interest on a maintained minimum balance of $1,500

Interest paid monthly

Unlimited transactions

Monthly service charge waived if minimum balance maintained

  • Minimum Opening Balance: $100
  • Minimum Daily Balance: $1,500
  • Monthly Service Fee: $10
  • Transaction Fee: None

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Treasury Management Services

Veritex Bank Treasury Services range from direct deposit to credit card merchant services.

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Icon Red Commercial Checking

Commercial Banking

Well-established businesses with consistent volumes in operating and/or payroll accounts..

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Icon Red Money Market

Money Market

Designed for businesses with higher investible balances that also want to retain liquidity.

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Home Mortgages

We can help you find the best mortgage that suits your financial needs and show you how refinancing may save you money.

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