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In observance of Christmas, all Veritex locations will close at 12:00pm on Monday, December 24th, and will remain closed until Wednesday, December 26th.

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Treasury Services

With our modern Treasury Services, we increase your control over your finances. Replacing tedious hands-on functions with automated, electronic processes, Veritex Bank Treasury Services range from direct deposit to credit card merchant services. Click here for more information.

Contact Veritex Treasury Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 972-349-6195.

Remote Deposit Capture

The latest of Veritex Bank's suite of commercial services! With our remote deposit capture service, you are able to accelerate check clearing, gain more control over your money and save valuable staff time. The system maintains an image database and generates depository reports for your internal tracking and retrieval. Customers scan a check with an on-site scanner, transmit a digital copy and the deposit is made directly into the account. It's easy, fast and secure.

ACH Origination

For direct deposit and routine electronic payments, ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions can save time and help ensure timely payments.

Wire Transfers

Because they are performed electronically, wire transfers are the fastest, most accurate and most secure way to transfer money to your customers, vendors and other financial institutions.

Credit Card Merchant Services

Veritex Bank offers a Visa®/MasterCard® Merchant Account for our commercial customers, enabling them to increase revenue by accepting credit card payments.

Positive Pay

Helps companies that issue numerous checks or ACH items to prevent against fraudulent activity by allowing the bank to confirm each item before paying. This service allows for daily check and deposit reconciliation.

Sweep Accounts

This money management system works for you 24 hours a day. Choose a target balance to maintain in your checking account and "sweep" the remaining collections into another account to earn interest.

Zero Balance Accounts

Concentrate funds from multiple accounts into one master account. You will have improved control over disbursements, collections and cash flow.

Lockbox Service

Allows companies to direct payments to a designated mailbox where they will be picked up and processed for deposit by the bank. Many different processing options are available, including HIPPA compliance. Lockbox saves time and money by simplifying and centralizing your billing.

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Community & Events

We’re an honest-to-goodness community bank. We live in, work in and serve our communities everyday.

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Mobile Banking

Check account balances, review transaction activity, pay bills online and much more with our mobile banking.

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Veritex Mortgage

We can help you find the best mortgage that suits your financial needs and show you how refinancing may save you money.

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Treasury Services

Veritex Bank Treasury Services range from direct deposit to credit card merchant services.

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