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Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate. Retail shopping center.
Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate. Retail shopping center.

Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate

Veritex Community Bank’s new real estate loan options let you finance commercial real estate assets up to 25 years. Available for business owners who want to finance their new or existing commercial real estate.

The real advantage of choosing Veritex Community Bank is our speed of approval, willingness to look at complex financials, better LTV requirements and servicing—we write loans to keep.

  • Can be used to purchase or build a new property or refinance, expand or remodel existing facilities, including closing costs
  • Available terms up to 25 years
  • 2 rate options available:
    • Rate Option #1 - ≤ $2MM 5.50%; > $2MM to $5MM 5.25%; > $5MM 5.00%; fixed for 5 years, then 1 year LIBOR + 4.25% (adjusted every 5 years)
    • Rate Option #2 - 1 month LIBOR + 3.5%; adjusted on the first day of each month. Floor rate: 5.00%
  • 50% origination fee plus appraisal, ESA, survey, attorney, etc.
  • Maximum of 80% loan to value, including fees financed (based on lesser of purchase price [or construction cost] and appraised value)
  • No pre-payment penalty fee on rate option #2
  • Pre-payment penalty fee on rate option #1 applicable during the first three years: 2%, 2%, and 1%
  • Payments must be made through auto debit from a Veritex Community Bank account.

Additional fees and closing costs may apply. Other restrictions may apply. Credit worthiness must be established. Rates subject to change. 25 years amortization based on age and condition of property.