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Woman using an ATM.
Woman using an ATM.

Veritex Bank and the Allpoint ATM Network

Now you can use your Veritex Community Bank VISA® Debit Card for surcharge-free transactions at over 55,000 ATMs worldwide*. Trust Veritex and Allpoint for fast, convenient, and secure transactions that are always surcharge-free . . . we guarantee it.

If you ever have a surcharge assessed at an Allpoint ATM, just call your local branch and we'll refund the surcharge while we check into the error.

Using the Allpoint network is easy . . .

Find the Allpoint ATM nearest you . . .

ATM Locations

Just look for the logo . . .

Allpoint logo

Other logos don't matter a bit . . . 

Some ATMs may be branded by another financial institution. Don't worry! Transactions are surcharge-free when you see the Allpoint logo.

Just press YES . . .

You may be asked to accept a surcharge. Just press YES. The surcharge will be waived on your receipt.

Your Veritex Debit Card is Allpoint ready.

Total access to the Allpoint surcharge-free ATM network worldwide with your Veritex Debit Card. And... No forms to sign or calls to make!

* A withdrawal at any ATM not owned by Veritex Community Bank or associated with the Allpoint Network will result in a $3.00 Service Charge.