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Control of your Veritex Debit Card at your fingertips.

Download the MyCardRules™ app today for more control features on your Veritex Debit Card transactions, set restrictions and receive alerts.

How do I sign up for MyCardRules™?

First download the MyCardRules™ app from Google Play™ or the App Store®. Set your card controls such as:

  • Turn card on or off if lost or stolen
  • Set transaction spending limits
  • Receive instant alerts on transactions
  • Set a geofence on regions where the card can used or have restricted use based on your mobile device location

Click the button below to download our step-by-step guide.

Download the Step-By-Step Guide

What are the benefits of MyCardRules™?
  • Fraud Protection: Turn your Veritex Debit Card off if you misplaced your card and need time to trace your steps. It’s happened to all of us and now we have a solution. If you suspect fraud, again, just turn your card off and call us immediately to take next steps.
  • Business Control: Set spending limits for employees to help control business spend. Use the transaction controls for merchant codes, location and limits as directed by your company policy.
  • Limit & Monitor Spending: If you are planning a vacation or holiday shopping, stay on top of your spending by setting transaction limits or monitor your teen’s transactions. You can set parameters around retail stores, gas or grocery stores to help monitor spending.