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To accommodate construction at our Park Branch, we will be relocating to our facility on 5224 W Plano Pkwy, Plano, TX. We will open Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019; all of our phone numbers remain the same. If you do need to enter your safe box at the Park Branch, simply call for an appointment. We will be able to take some Non-Cash Deposits through our Park temporary facility. Thank you for your understanding.

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Tips for Shopping with your Debit Card


Keeping your information safe and secure is best achieved by being vigilant when using your Veritex credit and debit cards. By taking a common sense approach to protecting your information, you can help ensure that your financial security and personal identity remain safe and sound. Here are some tips to help to protect your personal information and Veritex Debit Card while shopping or eating at your favorite restaurant.

Shopping at a Retailer or ATM:

  • Protect your PIN. Never write it down or give it to anyone. Physically shield your PIN number from prying eyes anytime you have to enter it.
  • Need cash from an ATM? Veritex now offers surcharge-free ATM’s through the Allpoint® ATM Network which is available at over 55,000 locations worldwide-many of which are located inside retail stores.
  • Report lost or stolen debit and credit cards immediately. Monitor your account in online or mobile banking and notify Veritex immediately if you see any suspicious activity.
  • Don’t let your debit or credit cards out of your sight. Pay attention to where your card is swiped and make sure it is not used on anything but a store register or credit/debit terminal.

Shopping Online?

  • Know who you are dealing with. Never click on a link in an email. Only go to sites by directly typing the URL in your browser’s address bar.
  • Check it before you click on it. Be aware of misleading Subject Lines or malicious embedded links within emails.

Additional Tips For Shopping Online:

Make sure any internet purchase activity you engage in is secured with encryption to protect your account information. Look for "secure transaction" symbols like a lock symbol in the lower right-hand corner of your web browser window, or "https://…" in the address bar of the website. The "s" indicates \"secured\" and means the web page uses encryption.

Always log off from any website after a purchase transaction made with your credit or debit card. If you cannot log off, shut down your browser to prevent unauthorized access to your account information.

Stay Informed

View and track your Debit Card activity with Online & Mobile Banking. Set up e-mail or text alerts to let you know about changes in your balance or when a large purchase has been made.

If a signature-based debit card transaction doesn't go through at a merchant location, try it as a pinned transaction (enter your PIN as part of the transaction) if available. From time to time, we may block signature-based transactions from a particular type of merchant or area of the country if we are experiencing high volumes of debit card fraud.

Due to higher ATM and debit card fraud from many foreign countries, ATM and debit card transactions may be blocked. Please let your banker know when you will be travelling outside the country.

* Veritex Bank will cover fraudulent transactions made by others using your Veritex consumer debit or small business debit or ATM card. Claims may only be filed against transactions posted and settled on your account. Claims are subject to limitations and verification, including providing all requested information supporting unauthorized use. To be cover, you must report your Veritex Debit Card lost or stolen within two (2) business days of the discovery of the fraudulent activity, and do not share personal or account information with anyone, including your PIN. Then report the claim to us within sixty (60) days of the statement date.

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