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Man writing with pen. Laptop also on desk.

Online Banking FAQs

Click on one of the questions below to see the answer.

I you are not already enrolled, you must do so, first. Click here, and then follow the enrollment instructions. Once you have successfully enrolled in Online Banking you will receive an email within two business hours with instructions on how to access Online Banking.

You can view account balances and transaction history, transfer money, and download transactions to a personal financial manager and much more.

Yes, Online Banking stores your User ID, password and user preferences and most of your banking transaction history.

Many transactions update immediately to the Online Banking site and all information is updated daily.

You can access your checking, savings, and loan accounts from Online Banking. Our Online Banking Product is intended to give you as much access, security, and versatility as possible.

The system will automatically show the most recent 100 transactions.

Yes, you can view your accounts by date, check number, payee, amount or balance in ascending or descending order. You can also perform searches of your account transaction history.

Online Banking supports downloads to Quicken™ (qfx), Quickbooks™ (qbo), Microsoft OFX (ofx), and spreadsheet formats (.xls and .csv).

Yes. You can schedule one-time and reccurring transactions for payment now or in the future.

With Online Banking, you have access to your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

A Secure Access Code is a "one-time use" code that allows you to securely login to Online Banking. If you choose the option "Activate my Computer for Later Use", you authorize the bank to store a security certificate or "cookie" on your computer which will expedite the security verification process in the future, and eliminate the need to use a secure access code on each login. Additionally, a Secure Access Code is used if you delete security certificates or "cookies" that are stored on your computer or if you request to login from a computer that you've not setup for repeated use.

Federal regulations require all banks to establish "Multi-Factor Authentication" in verifying the security of the login process for online banking. The first factor is your password. The second factor is the delivery of a six-digit Secure Access Code via phone call or SMS Text message. These two factors are combined to allow us to verify the authenticity of your login prior to the installation of the security certificate or "cookie" on your computer.

Although Veritex Community Bank does not recommend registering your computer for later use, we do use the security certificate or "cookie" to quickly identify your computer before we allow you to access online banking. Each time you login to online banking, if the security certificate or "cookie" is not found, our system will guide you thru the steps to request and submit a secure access code. Then, upon every future access our system will request that your computer present the security certificate or "cookie" for verification, if it is not present the system will request a Secure Access Code. By authorizing us to "Activate your computer for later use" you allow us to recognize the computer you normally use to logon to your online banking account.

The most likely explanations are:

  • Your browser is not set to store cookies from our website, or;
  • Cookies are automatically deleted each time you close your browser.

If the computer you would like to use on a regular basis is setup to delete cookies, please check your browser's settings. If the computer is on a network where security policies dictate the daily deletion of cookies, please contact your network administrator for further assistance.

Your Login ID and password will automatically reset in 2 hours. If this occurs during business hours, please contact us at 833-837-4839 and we will be happy to reset your login credentials immediately.

Yes, we will never ask for personal account information via e-mail or over the phone. However, when you login to your accounts the first time, we will need to verify that we have the most convenient method to contact you. We also need to verify your telephone numbers on the security preference screen so that we can provide you with your Secure Access Code. On this screen, the phone number you enter should be the best way to contact you when you are logged into your online banking. We recommend the use of your cell phone number for those time you may be traveling and wish to access Online Banking from a different computer.

You can change your password by going to the Settings, then Security Preferences in Online Banking.Once you are on this page, select the Change Password button. 
Note: It is good security practice to change your password frequently. This provides you an even higher level of protection and assures your accounts are secure. When a computer hacker tries to crack your password using a computer program that keeps trying different passwords will have to start over because your password has been changed.

We also recommend that you do not use the same password for other websites because then your password is only as secure as the least secure website's system that has the same password. If one of your other accounts does get compromised, then the hacker will now have access to not just that account, but other accounts as well.

The Secure Access Code is a one-time use, system generated code that will be delivered to the Secure Delivery method you choose. Secure Access Codes must be used within 15 minutes of delivery or they will expire. If multiple secure access codes are requested, each new request will invalidate any previously requested code.

When you know you are going to be traveling, you may want to verify your secure access code delivery options are updated. To do this, once you are logged into online banking, just go to Settings, Security Preferences, then click on the Secure Delivery button and make sure the phone numbers you have provided are current. It is recommended you keep these updated so that they will be ready when you need access your online banking account but you are not at your computer. If you are away from your computer that is registered and need to log-in, you will simply be asked to repeat the Secure Access authentication process that you completed when you first logged into your online banking accounts.

Each account will show you the most recent 100 transactions. You are able to request more items be shown by scrolling to the bottom of the list and click on the arrow button.

Account titles can be set within your online banking. To title the accounts rather than just seeing the last 4 digits, login to online banking; go to Settings, then Account Preferences. Type desired title under each account.  Select the order in which you want to view your accounts, then click "Submit".

As the amount of transaction history for a selected account grows larger, the filter drop-down box allows you to easily find specific online transactions. You can search/filter for transactions by check number, range of checks, date, date range (time period), transaction amount, range of amounts, or transaction description. Once you have filtered the list by selecting one of the filters and entering the filter data, click the 'Show Filters' button to filter your data. You can return to the complete online history list by selecting the 'Reset' button.

To transfer funds, select Funds Transfer from the Transactions menu. In the Funds Transfer workspace, you will be able set up one-time and recurring transfers between your authorized bank accounts.

Yes. You can choose the frequency under Enter Transfer Frequency, on the "Funds Transfer" screen.

Yes, after logging in to Online Banking, under the Transactions tab, click on the Funds Transfer. Enter the transfer information by selecting the checking or savings account you will be making your payment from in the "From Account" drop-down list, then select your loan in the "To Account" drop-down list, choose the date you would like to make the payment, and enter the amount. Click on Submit to continue, and then click on Approve to complete. Please note: If you do not approve the transfer, it will stay in a drafted status and will not be processed.

To make principal only payment or interest only payment, select "Custom Interest and Principal" under "Payment Type".  Then enter the appropriate amount in the "Principal" and/or "Interest" fields. This payment will be directly applied to principal if the next billing statement has not been mailed.

Payments are posted overnight to your loan account. It's important to remember transfers entered after 5:00PM central time may not be processed until the following business day. 

PLEASE NOTE: Loan payments made from an account at another financial institution may take longer to credit to your loan.

Yes. You can choose the frequency of your loan payment under Enter Transfer Frequency, on the "Funds Transfer" screen.

Select the account that you want to export the transaction history from, then select "Export", at this point choose file type you would like to download your data to. You will be asked if you wish to Open or Save the export file. If you choose to open the file, you must have the application that supports the file format installed on your computer.
The file types supported are:

  • Microsoft® Excel (.xls)
  • Comma separated value file (.csv)
  • MS Money / MS Small Business Accounting (.ofx)
  • Quicken® (.qfx),
  • Quickbooks® (.qbo)

To get the most out of all the great features available in our Online Banking System, there are some minimum requirements your browser must meet:

  • Internet Explorer (PC Only) IE 11 and above
  • Microsoft Edge - all versions
  • Chrome (PC and MAC) Chrome 38.0 and above
  • Firefox (PC and MAC) Firefox 27.0 and above
  • Apple Safari -

Desktop Safari: 7.0 and above for OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and above(7)
Mobile Safari: 5.0 and above for iOS 5 and above

These browsers may show minor behavioral or cosmetic differences for Online Banking, but generally support online banking features and functionality. It is always recommended to use the latest browser version available from the provider.

You may contact Veritex Community Bank's Customer Service by sending a Secure Message through Online Banking by clicking on Messages under the Service menu. This is a great way to send sensitive information to the bank since regular email is not secure. We will respond to all messages within 1 business day. You may also contact us. If you do not have access to a computer and would like to retrieve information about your accounts, you may use the Veritex 24-Hour Automated Telephone Banking line at 877-713-8637.

  • Protect your PIN. Never write it down or give it to anyone. Physically shield your PIN number from prying eyes anytime you have to enter it.
  • Report lost or stolen debit and credit cards immediately. Monitor your account in online or mobile banking and notify Veritex immediately if you see any suspicious activity.
  • Don’t let your debit or credit cards out of your sight. Pay attention to where your card is swiped and make sure it is not used on anything but a store register or credit/debit terminal.

Practice common-sense security when using your card at an ATM:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and exercise caution when withdrawing funds.
  • Have someone accompany you when using an ATM after dark.
  • Ensure no one sees your PIN when you enter it.
  • Watch for suspicious persons or activity around the ATM. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, come back later or use an ATM elsewhere. If you are in the middle of a transaction, cancel the transaction, take your card and leave the area immediately!

Need cash from an ATM? Veritex now offers surcharge-free ATM’s through the Allpoint® ATM Network which is available at over 55,000 locations worldwide-many of which are located inside retail stores.

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