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Man writing with pen. Laptop also on desk.

Online Banking Help

Our Online Banking Help is packed with many features and tools designed to make your online banking experience more intuitive, easy and secure. If you don't see the information you are looking for listed on this page, or you have a question that is not covered in these pages, please contact us. Thanks!

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Online Banking FAQ

Within online banking there are numerous types of Account alerts that you can setup to keep you updated on the status of your accounts. You can access the Alerts setup page by clicking on Alerts under the Preferences menu.
The types of alerts you can add include Account, Date, History and Transaction alerts, as well as Insufficient Funds Alerts. To configure an alert select the type of alert you want from the drop down list under "Add Alert" and then configure the settings for the alert including how you wish to be notified.

To add an alert, access the Alerts page under Preferences. As an example, configure the alert to send a notification each time a funds transfer is authorized. The alert, when triggered, will be sent to a cell phone via SMS at 8:00 AM.

Then, if you ever want to remove an alert, login to online banking and go to the Alerts page, select the alert to be removed from the list and click on the red X delete button.

In addition to the Account based alerts there are also real‐time security alerts. We have already setup some security alerts on your account for actions that we consider to be of high importance. These alerts include notifications when your login password is changed, when your login ID is changed, when the 'Forgot Password' process is successful and unsuccessful to list just a few. To see the full list of security alerts that are configured for your account click on Security under Preferences and then click on the Alerts tab.
When setting your security alerts you will notice that some alerts have been greyed out. The greyed out alerts are the security alerts that Veritex Community Bank requires be turned on to protect you. All of our alerts can be sent by email, SMS text, and voice.

Our optional Security Alerts currently enabled in Veritex Online Banking are:

  • Alert me when a new user is created
  • Alert me when a valid password for my login ID is submitted
  • Alert me when a valid secure access code is submitted
  • Alert me when my login ID is changed
  • Alert me when my user login is disabled
  • Alert me when my user login is locked out
  • Alert me when my user profile is updated
  • Alert me when the forgot password process is attempted unsuccessfully
  • Alert me when the forgot password process is successfully completed

Veritex Community Bank strongly recommends you leave the optional Security Alerts enabled for your online banking security. Security Alerts are located in Online Banking under PREFERENCES → SECURITY → ALERTS.

Other optional Account Alerts available are:

  • New Account Alert
  • New Date Alert
  • New History Alert
  • New Insufficient Funds Alert
  • New Transaction Alert

Account Alerts are located in Online Banking under PREFERENCES → ALERTS, the click ADD ALERT. Choose the type of alert you want to receive, add the necessary information, how often you want to receive the alert and the method of delivery.

If you have any questions regarding the Online Banking System, please contact us.

The first time that you access Veritex Online Banking on a computer, you will be required to complete a Multi‐Factor Authentication (MFA) process. This process ensures the security of your online banking session. During the MFA Process you will be prompted if you would like to activate the browser and computer you are using (For security purposes, whether you’re using a public computer or a computer that you own, activating the browser is not recommended).

When attempting to register your browser, there have been reported cases where the registration is not sticking, in other words, the system is not remembering that you have already activated the computer you are on. The common reasons for registration failing include incorrect cookie settings, old cookies, settings telling your browser to delete cookies upon exiting the browser, old favorites and shortcuts. If you are experiencing this issue, check your your browser's setting or clear the browser history. Additionally, many Internet security program providers such as Norton and McAfee can override the browser’s cookie handling settings and delete them. 

Please consult your browser’s help menu or your Internet Security software’s help menu for information on cookie handling.

Safe Browsing

At Veritex Community Bank, we are serious about providing best in class service and solutions to our customers. We are also serious about the security and safety of our customers’ online banking experience. Veritex is proud to provide to our customers an anti-fraud solution that protects them from some of the most sophisticated online criminal attacks.

There is nothing to log into and no new passwords to remember. Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) from Easy Solutions is a very small and fast download that you install on devices you use to access your Veritex accounts. This software runs quietly in the background and provides you the security you need to avoid becoming a victim to online fraud. This hands-off approach allows for us to protect our customers without changing the customer experience.

In the event that your device does become infected with malware, DSB will notify you of the infection, let you know what processes have been blocked, and allow you to continue to visit your protected online banking site and complete your activity.

How to take advantage of this anti-fraud protection:
  • Click on the button below to download the installer.
  • Once downloaded, simply run the installer and allow for the software to be placed on your device.
  • You can verify DSB is running by looking for the small Security Shield icon on your taskbar.

Using the DSB Manager to navigate to the protected Veritex Community Bank website, Phishing, Pharming, and other malicious attacks are defeated, and you are ensured you visit the true Veritex website as you intended.

Who is Easy Solutions, and why is Veritex Community Bank using them to provide me protection?

We chose Easy Solutions because they have proven to be one of the industry’s most innovative providers of integrated fraud prevention solutions. Easy Solutions automates the time-sensitive and manual risk management processes encountered by every security team, and it will better enable us to respond faster and more efficiently to every type of threat.

What is Detect Safe Browsing, and why is it important?

Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) from Easy Solutions® is an innovative tool created to protect the final users from the electronic fraud modalities commonly used on the Internet.

Within the protection capabilities of the application, you will find a connection analysis and system-scanning feature. Such scanning identifies three possible attacks:

  • Malware: Malicious software that attempts to affect the information integrity of the device.
  • Phishing: Web site impersonation performed by a non-authorized third party to get confidential information for criminal purposes.
  • Pharming: Manipulation of system information performed by non-authorized users, who re-direct the access from real web sites to fake sites and thus commit fraud.

Download for Windows 

Download for Mac

To get the most out of all the great features available in our Online Banking System, there are some minimum requirements your browser must meet:

  • Microsoft Edge - all versions
  • Chrome (PC and MAC) Chrome 38.0 and above
  • Firefox (PC and MAC) Firefox 27.0 and above
  • Apple Safari -

Desktop Safari: 7.0 and above for OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and above(7)
Mobile Safari: 5.0 and above for iOS 5 and above

 NOTE: Internet Explorer  (all versions) is no longer supported.