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What is Truth In Texas Banking?

Welcome to Truth in Texas Banking hosted by, COO of Veritex Community Bank, LaVonda Renfro. Join us as we get to know the people in Texas banking with authentic conversations about leadership, career paths, and supporting the community we serve. We hope you enjoy it!


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This week, LaVonda speaks with Kelly and Daniel Crawford from Abel Speaks. Abel Speaks was born out of this experience and exists to walk with parents who have chosen to carry a child with a life-limiting diagnosis. Every child’s life can be beautiful and meaningful, no matter the length. On this road where you never thought you’d find yourself, you are not alone. Abel Speaks is here to walk with you!

LaVonda Renfro wraps up her series on True Crime Stories with special guest Karen Songer of Veritex Bank. It's 2023 and it seems as if the days of hard cash and paper checks are behind us, but crime doesn't sleep and that includes check fraud. Karen Songer shares another eye-opening story on why banks have to maintain a very high standard of security to protect customers and their accounts.

In this week's episode of Truth in Texas Banking, Karen Songer shares another wild story in the world of bank fraud with LaVonda Renfro! If you're a fan of drama and ranchers, you'll want to tune in and listen to this story about how bank fraud expands beyond debit cards and online transactions.

Tune in to this week’s episode of “Truth in Texas Banking,” with guest host Beth Stavinoha. Today’s episode we'll be diving into the Veritex Internship program with two incredible recruiters, Fulgham Bell and Leslie Strain. They'll be sharing all the ins and outs of this internship opportunity. But that's not all! We also have some current interns joining us on the show who will be sharing their personal experiences. So, if you're curious about what it's like to intern at Veritex, you won't want to miss this podcast.

Tune in to this week's episode of "Truth in Teas Banking," hosted by LaVonda Renfro. Today's episode is a new True Crime story about elderly fraud, featuring BSA banking team member, Karen Songer. Brace yourself for an enlightening conversation that will leave you empowered and armed with knowledge. We genuinely hope you relish this uplifting experience.

This week, LaVonda brings true crime stories to the topic of discussion. Veritex Community Bank Chief Technology Officer, Jason Savage shares an early career story of ransomware and how his team worked with the FBI to prevent further crime.

The future is very bright thanks to people like our guest on this week's episode, Tania Daniel. Work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy are the focus of Junior Achievement to give young people the resources and help they need to achieve their dreams. Listen now to Tania's amazing journey that continues to inspire and motivate her work with Junior Achievement.

In this episode of Truth in Texas Banking, LaVonda speaks with Scottie and Meredith Scheffler to discuss the impact of Behind Every Door and the Cedar Crest Community Center. They will discuss changing the way people see and feel poverty. Behind Every Door wants to make lives better by building friendships and relationships in these communities!

Listen to behind the scenes from the Veritex Bank Championship featuring golf ambassadors, volunteers, and community partners in Arlington, Texas!

This week, LaVonda visits with Darrion Lewis, President of Behind Every Door and creator of the Husbandhood podcast. Husbandhood is about men being good leaders as husbands and fathers. It’s a platform created to explore the day-to-day life lessons applicable to what it’s like to be a husband today. Their message is for husbands to desire to honor God, their wives, and their families. The podcast will give husbands a positive space that encourages and reminds them that they matter.

This week, LaVonda visits with Single Mommies Can advocate Katrina Keys. Listen to this uplifting conversation about an organization that supports single teen mothers and offers resources and mentorship for a successful future. Compassion and positivity drive the conversation on this week’s podcast. #TruthInTexasBanking #Community


Women's heart health is the topic this week. LaVonda welcomes Samantha Eppler and Jennifer Durban to speak about the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women initiative and upcoming event. We hope you take a moment to listen to this important topic for you and all the women in your life. #TruthinTexasBanking #HeartHealth #GoRedForWomen

It’s a new year and LaVonda is kicking off 2023 with two Veritex bankers who share their stories of volunteering in the community. Does volunteering impact more than the community? The answer is yes and the stories that follow are moving!

Today, we reflect on the guests we've had throughout the year and how thankful we are that we get to be a part of their story. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Veritex Community Bank!

LaVonda Renfro sits down for a fun chat with two-time Veritex Bank Championship winner, Tyson Alexander and University of Texas Golf senior, Travis Vick. Recording from the Veritex Bank Houston Pro-Am at the Houston Country Club.

In this episode, LaVonda Renfro speaks to Lyndsay Levingston, founder and executive director of SurviveHer. Listen to Lyndsay's powerful story about her journey and what she is doing to educate and assist women through her non-profit breast cancer awareness organization. She truly exemplifies what it means to be a woman of success!

In today's episode, LaVonda speaks with Natalie Boyle of Mommies in Need. Did you know the most common reason women don't visit the doctor is lack of childcare accessibility? Find out what this non-profit is doing to alleviate this issue in Dallas, Texas.

October is a month dedicated to breast cancer awareness and with that on our minds, we thought it would be great to share the great efforts of our PGA golf ambassador, Ryan Palmer, and his foundation. For the next 20 minutes, hear from Ryan and his wife, Jennifer, share their very personal story with breast cancer in their family and how they were inspired to support other women in treatment for breast cancer. Hear how they put hope in the hands of cancer patients in today's episode.

Did you know our podcast debuted almost two years ago? Time flies by when you are having meaningful conversations with community leaders. To celebrate this milestone, we have complied our first "best of" show featuring Bill Cawley, (Cawley Partners) Cheryl Jackson (Minnie's Food Pantry), Jamey Rootes (Houston Texans) and Darlene Ellison (Veritex Community Bank). We hope you enjoy these conversations as much as we have!

You are not going to want to miss this episode of Truth in Texas Banking featuring our very own, Josie Fields.
Josie Fields started as a part time teller but quickly found that she could have a career in banking. As the bank has grown, Josie has gone from assistant branch manager, to branch manager, to vice president and associate market manager for Veritex Bank. As Josie built her career in banking, she grew increasingly passionate about promoting financial literacy among minority communities. As she’s moved up, she’s been careful to maintain her original purpose which is helping others!

Good communication between family, friends and your team at work is so important! In this episode of "Truth In Texas Banking" Adam Tarnow, leadership development expert and founder of Adam Tarnow & Company, joins us to talk about how you can improve your communications in all areas of your life! #truthintexasbanking #communication #leadership

Hunger is a complex issue. The mission of the North Texas Food Bank is to close the hunger gap by providing access to nutritious food for our neighbors. Hunger is vast in North Texas. The North Texas Food Bank serves thirteen counties through a network of almost 400 agencies to ensure they have nutritious food for their community! 

Did you have a mentor early in your career? Have you ever considered being a mentor to a colleague or student? In this episode, LaVonda has a conversation with two Veritex Bankers, Castel Hibbert & Charles Francis to discuss their roles as mentors at TSU Commercial Banking Program. We hear how to overcome the generation gaps between students and teachers, and how important relationship building is to everyone's career. We hope you enjoy this conversation!

On this episode of Truth in Texas Banking, LaVonda introduces Scott Coy, Veritex Bank’s Chaplain. Did you know we have our very own Chaplain? Scott touches on how he uses his faith when giving employees hope during good and bad times. 

Fresh from the Veritex Bank Championship, LaVonda shares the behind-the-scenes stories from the Korn Ferry Tour at the Texas Rangers Golf Course. Join us to hear from Veritex golf ambassadors, volunteers, the production crew who put on the event and community partners.

This week LaVonda catches up with Lisa Armstrong, Managing Director of Commercial Banking at Veritex Community Bank. They discuss how banking can lead to deeper ties with the community and the rewards that come with it.

In this episode of Truth in Texas Banking, LaVonda speaks with Rocky Vest and Ken Ndegwa to discuss Break the Cycle and their fight to stop human trafficking. These guys remind us that this is happening in our own backyard. Their mission is to spread awareness by cycling 200 miles for victims. Viewer discretion is advised.

In this episode of Truth in Texas Banking, LaVonda speaks with Willie Rankin and Ashley Mortimer with LVTRise in Fort Worth. The Las Vegas Trail Revitalization Project, known as LVTRise, is a collaboration and partnership of private companies, human service organizations and government agencies dedicated to helping residents of the Las Vegas Trail area improve their neighborhood and day-to-day lives.

In this episode of Truth in Texas Banking, LaVonda speaks with Doreen Griffith and Liz Robinson to discuss the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign. These ladies remind us that heart health is the leading cause of death for women. Their mission is to spread awareness and bridge the gap with women and heart health.

In this episode of Truth in Texas Banking, LaVonda speaks with Rachel Powers, former Executive Director of the Citizens’ Environmental Coalition. Rachel reminds us of how long progress takes with environmental issues but ultimately, it’s worth the wait. Hear some great advice on how to make a difference.

We were excited to catch up recently with our Veritex Golf Ambassadors at the Houston Open and Veritex Bank Pro-AM in Dallas. As these guys closed their 2021 season and are looking ahead to 2022, they spoke about how they prepare for a tournament from week to week. These guys and gals purpose in life is to honor their commitment to golf as well as  We interviewed Abraham Ancer, Bryson DeChambeau, Scottie Scheffler, Carlos Ortiz, and Kristen Gillman to name a few. You won’t want to miss this episode! 

It's Thanksgiving week and we are excited to share with you a story of gratitude, empathy, and what it truly means to be ingrained in your community. This week LaVonda has a great conversation with Daron Babcock, Executive Director of @bontonfarms. If you have 26 minutes, we hope you spend it with us and learn more about this South Dallas organization who is providing resources to members of their community looking for a second chance and someone who believes in them.

This week, LaVonda is joined by Career Gear's Executive Director, Jamay Schardien for an amazing conversation about supporting the veterans of our community. The saying "teach a man to fish" is truly their message to the community. Listen to a few life changing stories in this inspirational interview. Member FDIC.

In this episode of Truth in Texas Banking, LaVonda speaks with Jamie Miller with Veritex Bank. Jamie is the founder of the Wheels of Hope Car Show in downtown Garland, Texas. He talks about the history of how the car show came about and why he partners with the Hope Clinic.

In this episode of Truth in Texas Banking, LaVonda interviews Mark Mullaney and Marissa Castro Mikoy from Jubilee Park and Community Center. Mark is the COO and Marissa is the CEO of Jubilee Park and together they have a wealth of experience in education and nonprofit management.

In this episode of Truth in Texas Banking, LaVonda speaks with Cheryl Jackson from Minnie’s Food Pantry. Cheryl started Minnie’s Food Pantry in honor of her mother, the late Dr. Minnie Hawthorne-Ewing. Under Jackson’s leadership, her staff and volunteers have provided over 17 million meals to the hungry.

In this episode of Truth in Texas Banking, LaVonda brings back Darlene Ellison, the founder of our Women in Business Program. They will discuss how Women in Business got started and give more details about our upcoming networking events!

Another Texas leader joins us on the podcast this week Jamey Rootes, former president of the Houston Texans stops by to discuss his book The Winning Game Plan. He and LaVonda share stories of leading Texas organizations and how to find great talent! Available on Spotify, Google Play, Apple podcast and Soundcloud!

Our first Veritex Bank Championship wrapped up a little more than a week ago and WOW what a week. On this podcast LaVonda interviews an array of guests including Veritex Bank CEO Malcolm Holland, the guys from Truck Karma (trust us, you want to hear more about them) Veritex Bank Team Members, and players from the Korn Ferry Tour including special guest Tony Romo and fresh off the Masters  Will Zalatoris. You’ll also learn about the organization benefiting from the event tickets sales Folded Flag Foundation and the amazing things they do for fallen soldiers' families. We hope you like this inside peek of the Veritex Bank Championship!

Texas football legend, Wade Phillips stops by the podcast this week. LaVonda and Coach Phillips discuss motivation behind the game, family, and the friends we make with team sports. Available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and Soundcloud. Subscribe and never miss an episode.  #TruthInTexasBanking #WadePhillips #GoCoogs #Texans #Cowboys #Broncos

This week, LaVonda sits down with another Veritex Bank golfing partner, JP Thornton. JP describes how he became interested in golf, his desire to inspire other African American children to become interested in golf and finding opportunities within the sport. Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender #TruthInTexasBanking #FirstTee

In this episode of Truth in Texas Banking, LaVonda speaks with Bryson DeChambeau from the PGA Tour. They discuss another side of Bryson and the pivotal moments that have shaped his life. Bryson talks about his organization, The Bryson DeChambeau Foundation, and his three pillars.

In this episode of Truth in Texas Banking, LaVonda speaks with Bill Cawley of Dallas based Cawley Partners. They discuss the pivotal moments that shape your outlook on life and career and why shifting your focus on service will lead you to more rewarding experiences.

We are excited to have LPGA’s Kristen Gillman on the show this week. LaVonda and Kristen talk about COVID-19 and how it changed golf and adapting to the time off. Kristen also talks about organizations that are inspiring a new generation of golf players and what’s it like to be a role model for the future golf players. Member FDIC

This week, LaVonda is joined by Veritex Private Banking Director, Scooter Smith, and discuss how finding ways to serve the community will affect your life and career. Scooter details his personal experience with a few organizations and why he goes by the name Scooter.  Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender.

On this episode, LaVonda talks with long-time friend and President of Scott + Reid General Contractors, Brad Reid. They discuss how to keep the sense of comradery within the company and the benefit of developing an employee’s career to build a solid team and a stronger company. Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender.

Join LaVonda this week as she talks with President of Christian Brothers Automotive, Donnie Carr, and share company culture concepts and why it’s important to find ways to ensure culture is never lost as a business grows. Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender.

This week LaVonda and Dana Cooper (Veritex Community Bank, AVP Business Development) discuss career paths and how you never really know where your life will take you. Dana’s inspirational story of a nurse turned banker later in her career is a great example of how we take all of our life experiences and apply the skills we learn with every career change. Member FDIC  | Equal Housing Lender.

In this episode, we meet Alex Baldwin, President of the Korn Ferry Tour, and first women to lead one of the PGA Tour’s six global tours as President. LaVonda and Alex talk leadership during COVID19, upcoming Korn Ferry Texas tournament - Veritex Bank Championship and Alex shares her career path that led her to her role as President of a major PGA Tour. Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender

Welcome to episode #1 of Truth in Texas Banking.  Join us as we talk to the leaders of Veritex Community Bank and how our key team members led during the crisis. Malcolm Holland, CEO of Veritex Community Bank shares his perspective on leadership; Angela Harper, Chief Risk Officer discusses how she assembled the Pandemic team to drive the bank to safety; finally we are joined by the Community Service Development Officer, Courtney Taylor and Community Reinvestment Officer, Melanie Goodman to share their observations of the communities we serve and how we dedicated our time to support them amid the coronavirus. 

In this episode of Truth in Texas Banking, LaVonda speaks with Pete Delkus WFAA Meteorologist in Dallas, Texas. They discuss how Pete got into meteorology and the importance of being a good husband and father. It’s not just about being the weatherman, it’s about helping people!

This week, Truth in Texas Banking host, LaVonda Renfro welcomes Anavid Reyes back to Houston as the Traffic Expert on KPRC Channel 2. Anavid candidly tells her lessons learned along the way as she becomes a TV personality in a major market and her perspective on the environment and what we can do to make a difference. Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender.

Veritex COO, LaVonda Renfro talks with Rudy Beeching, Retail Director of Veritex Community Bank. Rudy gives insight on how he found purpose with his career and shares heartwarming tales of his family.  Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender.

In this episode of Truth In Texas Banking, LaVonda introduces us to Darlene Ellison (SVP,BDO) who shares her journey of banking with us. She speaks on the balance of work, family and giving back and why her passion for helping others drives her to the work she does. Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender.

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