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Business Essentials

Welcome to Business Essentials, where we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with managing a small business. Our carefully curated bundled package offers a suite of essential services tailored to meet your needs, all at an affordable monthly price.

$40 Monthly Fee

Business Essentials

Online Banking

Up to 5 accounts

Conduct a multitude of transactions without ever setting foot in a bank. From transferring funds to paying bills, everything is done in real-time. Your business operates on its own clock, and now, so does your banking.

Remote Deposit & Business Bill Pay



Remote Deposit (RDC) and  Business Bill Pay are transformative solutions for your business. Both allow you to deposit checks and pay bills directly from your office or anywhere with an internet connection. Streamlining your A/R and A/P process can all happen in a moment.


Incoming Wire Transfers

Up to 20 free per month

It's fast, reliable, and allows for the movement of large sums of money with ease directly into your business bank account from anywhere.

Branch Cash Deposits

Up to $25k free monthly


Stop by a local Veritex Bank branch or drive up to one of our locations with a drive-thru to make your business deposits. Trust that a Veritex Bank team member will be there with a smile! 


Credits, Debits and Items Deposited

Up to 200 free monthly

With every credit, you capture opportunity; with each debit, you craft your capabilities; and with every item deposited, you solidify the trust in your enterprise. Enjoy 200 credits, 200 debits, and 200 items deposited with Business Essentials and Business Essentials Plus. 

Online Stop Payments



In the bustling landscape of business, every transaction counts, but what happens when you need to pause or cancel a payment? That's where online stop payments come into play — your digital safeguard ensuring that your funds only go where they're meant to.

Business Essentials Plus

Business Essentials Plus

All of Business Essentials PLUS more.

Business Essentials Plus isn't just an enhanced version of treasury suites; it's a testament to our commitment to grow alongside your burgeoning enterprise. This platform is tailored meticulously to fuel your ambitions, streamline your financial operations, and empower your business to thrive in a fiercely competitive landscape.

$75 Monthly Fee


ACH Origination

$0.50 per item

Your decision to integrate ACH origination into your business practices is not just about keeping up; it's about staying ahead. It's a testament to your commitment to innovation, efficiency, and a superior customer experience. Direct depoist for employees to vendor payments, all at your convenience. 

Positive Pay & ACH Positive Pay Available


Imagine Positive Pay as a vigilant guardian of your check transactions. Each time you issue checks, you provide your bank with a list of those checks, including details such as check number, account number, date, and amount. When a check is presented for payment, the bank cross-references this information with your provided list. If everything matches, the check is cleared; if not, you are alerted to review the discrepancy. Fraudulent checks, stopped in real-time. 

Online Banking Up to 5 accounts Up to 5 accounts
Mobile Remote Deposit Included Included
Business Bill Pay Included Included
Incoming Wire Transfers Up to 20 free per month Up to 20 free per month
Credits Up to 200 free per month Up to 200 free per month
Debits Up to 200 free per month Up to 200 free per month
Items Deposited Up to 200 free per month Up to 200 free per month
Online Stop Payments Included Included
Branch Cash Deposits Up to $25,000 free monthly Up to $25,000 free monthly
ACH Origination $0.50 per item
Positive Pay Available
ACH Positive Pay Available
Monthly Fee $40 $75

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