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Veritex Bank’s contactless debit card allows you to pay with a tap! With our new contactless technology, Veritex Bank customers can now use their updated debit cards to pay anywhere where contactless payment is accepted.

New debit cards will be reissued 2022; check your mailbox for your new card!


Look for the contactless card symbol when you shop.  


Tap your Veritex Bank debit card to the merchant payment terminal.


Done! Payment received securely and you are on your way.

What technology is used for contactless payment?

Contactless cards use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. This allows the card to communicate with the card reader when the card is held near the reader during a transaction. When you hold your contactless card to the contactless reader, it securely authenticates your card information.


Contactless payment is as quick as a tap
Secure and safe transactions with contactless payment
Includes a magnetic strip and chip for traditional swipe payments
Save your new debit card in your digital wallet
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