Online Stop Check Payment Terms & Conditions Statement

Upon your request, you authorize Veritex Community Bank to stop payment on any checks (s) submitted by you through the online and mobile banking system. You agree to hold the Bank harmless against any and all loss, claims, costs or damages, to include court costs and attorney’s fees that may be incurred by reason of not paying the listed transaction(s). You agree to provide correct information and agree that failure to do so may result in payment of the item(s) listed.

The Bank agrees to stop payment on the requested item(s), but will not be held liable if sufficient time was not provided.

Note: An online request to Stop Payment can only be done by stopping a particular check number (for physical checks). To request a Stop Payment for ACH withdrawals, you must contact the Bank’s Customer Service at 1-833-VERITEX (1-833-837-4839) or visit your local branch location.

A Stop Payment Request must be received at such time and in such manner as to afford the Bank a reasonable opportunity to act on it prior to any other action being taken on the draft. You agree that in order for us to have a reasonable opportunity to act, we must receive your stop payment request at least three (3) business days before the draft is received by us for posting to your account.

A fee of $35 will be charged to the selected account for each Stop Payment order received.

A stop payment order for issued checks will remain in effect for six months. The customer may renew this request after the six months has expired by completing a new Stop Payment Request.

Multiple Checks refer to a series of consecutively numbered checks. A Stop Payment Request must be completed for each non-consecutive check number and stated fees for each request will apply.

The term "business day" does not include any Saturday, Sunday or Federal holiday, even though our office may be open.

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